Cameron Sutton Jersey

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Cameron Sutton might have the most intimidating helmet on the planet.

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A tweet from The Checkdown shows Sutton during practice with the Steelers wearing a visor of the infamous horror character Jason Voorhees, and it’s awesome.

I don’t think the league will let him rock it during a game, but it’s pretty damn sweet to wear during practice. Take a look at it below. (RELATED: JuJu Smith-Schuster Responds To Antonio Brown Calling Him Out On Twitter)
It’s game over if you see a defensive back with that helmet gunning for you on the field. Jason is one of the most iconic killers in the history of film.

He uses a machete to hack people to bits! There’s a reason why the films have grossed an absurd amount of cash.

It’s because they’re highly-entertaining for those into slasher films and blood.
If you see Sutton running towards you on the field with that mask on, then you better dip for the sidelines as fast as possible.

There’s no shot I want to go up against somebody rocking a Jason mask. It’s just that simple. Count me out!
The season is months away, but Sutton is already letting it be known he’s not messing around this year with Pittsburgh. I love it. Too bad Goodell is soft and wouldn’t let him wear that visor in a million years in a game.

What a shame!